‘Stand-up paddleboarding at its flattest on the Thames Estuary’ this is one of the best SUP spots along this stretch of coast.

Local provides WetnDry SUP suggest the following conditions for the best experience:

Tides: Best conditions at Two Tree Island are at slack water – 2 hours around high tide, and two hours around low. On a flood tide, paddle west towards Benfleet or cross the channel to investigate ‘The Maze’. On ebb tide, paddle east. Around low tide, although the water’s very shallow in places, you can paddle east right down the Ray towards the end of Southend Pier. There’s often a colony of seals on the dog-leg midway down the Ray.

Wind: As it is coastal, the wind does effect this spot – but not as much as Chalkwell or other more exposed seaside locations, as it is often protected from the worst of the waether by Canvey Island. Moderate westerly breeze does produce some chop in the deep channel, but with plenty of creeks and mudbanks, even when the wind’s blowing there’s usually glass somewhere around Two Tree.

Facilities: Virtually none, except a clean water tap at the top of the slipway. But parking is free, and there are toilets and refreshments at the nearby Golf Driving Range.