Ocean Friendly Products

In our other life we are sustainability consultants and constantly reviewing products for our clients that offer reduced impacts on the environment we live, work and play in. Every week we now aim to share what we’ve learnt and why we choose the outdoor kit we use for our book writing and research journeys. It’s not all perfect, but we believe these products and the people behind the brand are on a great journey to minimise the impacts they have. This is not aimed to be a performance review – here we just focus on the product sustainability review. We are not paid by any of these companies, this is just our view on what we wear and use. We thought we’d share it as we have grown so tired of the greenwash.


Ocean friendly products

Why we use it

Great quality, keeps it’s shape; adjustable size; long peak for sunny paddles. We love their mission “save the ocean, wear the change”

What’s good

Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans.
Using yarn from recycled plastic is a great way to use plastic waste – but MBRC goes some significant steps further to keep the crap out of the ocean.
MBRC have 2400 cleaning hubs all over the world. They  take plastics off the beach and coastline, and they measure and report how much they collect. They then take this to one of their cleaning hubs to clean and bale and then on to a local certified recycling plant. Here waste plastic is re-processed into flakes, pellets and yarn. Boom – more caps, and a whole load of other products used by other brands that claim recycled plastic in their products.
Most of the brands and products that boast recycled plastic haven’t taken it from the ocean first though – so they haven’t played such a committed a part in the circular economy like MBRC have.

MBRC also raise awareness about waste, recycling and sustainability through an educational program dedicated to helping those most impacted by ocean plastic understand its sources and discover the solutions.


How much crap have they cut

14,000,000+ equivalent PET bottles recycled | 1M Euros to fund cleanups globally | 2400+ cleanup team members worldwide
Give them a hand
Buy their products or donate so that they can spread their love further