Here’s a few things to consider here before you set a date to visit an island.

Wildlife – many islands are blessed with some amazing birdlife. These can restrict access so always check before you go. If you hit key nesting time it can also be noisy, smelly and painful. If you are intending to visit to see the wildlife then check out times the cetaceans or birds migrate so as to maximise your chances of seeing them.

Midges – awww don’t do it. makes me itch just thinking about it. Avoid the west coast of Scotland in July and August unless you are addicted to DEET

Ferry timings – a number of islands only have a regular ferry service from Easter to September. So do check our information first.

Calm seas – if you are like me a rough crossing can create havoc with your delicate constitution. Check the forecast first. Many commercial ferries still operate in all but the extreme weather conditions in Scotland and the Scillies – but you may not want to necessarily be on it!

Tourist time/festivals – if your island is popular with the tourists there are some upsides and downsides. The upside is that during tourist season everything will be open. The downside is need to booking ahead and having lots of people you don’t know in your photos. If an island has a thriving native population then facilities will be open year round.