Torastan Beach

There is a saying on Coll, that if one beach is crowded with another person there are 29 more to choose from. From small, scarcely-visited coves of perfect sand to the majestic wide sandy bays there is a beach for every occasion.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

Torastan – machair-covered dunes give way to pristine white sand and scattered boulders on this idyllic beach (pictured) in the north-west side of the island. Great views of Eigg and Rum across the turquoise sea.

Crossapol Bay – a horseshoe-shaped bay at the south of the island. To the north Feall Beach offers a spectacular mirror-image

Sorisdale Bay – sheltered and beautiful this sandy Sorisdale Bay also offers great views of Ben More on the Isle of Mull. A short walk onto the north coast then takes you to the remote and wild beach of North Shore.

Cliad Bay – on the east coast of Coll another series of dunes leading to a stunning beach with beautiful views of the Outer Hebrides.