Some of the quirky facts that make Hayling a fascinating place to visit

Mysterious Sea Path

Before the construction of the island’s original wooden toll bridge in 1824 the only access to the island was by boat unless you braved the mysterious Wadeway. This is a submerged route between Langstone and Hayling believed to predate Roman times. On the lowest tides you can still see the wooden markers between Northney shore and the Royal Oak at Langstone, although today the route is completely impassible.


At least 100 properties were damaged when the island was hit by a tornado in 2013.

Solent Seals

The harbour provides one of only two haul out sites for the Solent’s 25-strong population of Harbour Seals and the two Grey seals that occasionally visit. These guys can swim as far as Worthing to feed.

The Funland Amusement Park

If being hurled around next to the sea is your thing then this 18-ride park will be for you. All the usuals and a few extras.

Station Theatre

All the big films, concerts and shows from the Hayling Island Amateur Dramatics Society in this 144-seat theatre that was once a derelict railway goods shed