Walking Isle of Dogs

The glass canopy and futuristic design of Canary Wharf’s Tube station has been used as a filming location for ‘28 Days Later’ and ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’. During the filming of the epic Star War’s spin-off the producers planned a secret overnight mission for an intergalactic makeover of the station. With only one night to shoot, all the TfL signage and seats had to be covered with grey space equipment and all filming had to end at 4 am as the station re-opened for its regular commuters. Nobody knew a thing until the film’s trailer was released.

In the film the shiny steel and polished concrete of the Norman Foster-designed station platform was the entrance to a military installation on the planet Scarif where the Empire’s critical blueprint for the Death Star was hidden. The Alliance rebels, led by Jyn Erso, snuck in on a suicide mission and were chased by stormtroopers. In a weird coincidence, as the set was being developed, hundreds of people passed entered the station in Star Wars fancy dress for an ‘Empire Strikes Back’ event at Canada Water.