Visit the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a great place to spot whales and dolphins and is also one of the best places in the British Isles to see basking sharks. From May until August basking sharks can be seen feeding within one kilometre of the south and south-west coasts and can be spotted from many points on the island’s coast path – especially along the west coast between Peel and the Calf of Man. Occasionally they can be spotted from the shore, especially from spots like Peel Castle, Niarbyl, Port Erin and the Sound. Porpoise are often spotted in the waters off Kallow Point in Port St Mary, whilst bottlenose dolphins can be seen in larger groups off the east coast in the winter months. Risso’s dolphins, with their distinctive blunt heads and white skin, are frequently spotted especially on the east and south coast, and off Douglas Head. Minke whales are spotted offshore west coast in the summer and on the east coast around Laxey in the winter. The Manx Wildlife Trust is the font of all knowledge and publish all recent sightings – more information here.

Photo credit: “Basking Shark” by yohancha is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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