This was my first big interview with the press about the Islandeering book with Ashlie McNally of the The Scottish Mail on Sunday. It came about in a roundabout way as the Scottish Mail’s travel editor had seen one of my photos of the post lady on Flotta and had asked to use it for another piece they were running.

This initial conversation between The Mail and Wild Things ended up generating great interest in the book and a request for a telephone interview and the possibility of running an article the following Sunday. This was Wednesday.

After a thirty minute conversation with Ashlie, who is an absolutely brilliant interviewer with a great ability to unearth the story, I was fascinated by what the article would end up looking like but I would have to wait until friends on Skye bought a copy of the newspaper and posted it to Wiltshire before I could take a look.

Ashley did Islandeering proud and brilliantly put the spotlight on Holy Isle, Davaar, Luing, Eileen Shona, Iona, Muck, Eriskay, Berneray and Great Bernera.

I was also quite chuffed to share the third page of the article with the news item that Princess Leia lives again and will be in the new Star Wars film!

Just as well I took that photo of the postlady, look where it got me. I very nearly didn’t so this one has taught me to just take the shot, you never know when it might be useful.