An explorer's guide to the islands of Britain

Ahead of the book launch I was contacted by Ted Thornhill of MailOnline, via Wild Things. Ted wanted to run an article on the book Islandeering. This was an interview with a slight difference to the others as it was conducted online – as I guess would be expected – with questions on my favourite island, top safety tips and how long the project had taken me.

The question I had to really pause and think about was my favourite island. It’s a difficult one to answer as I don’t really have a single favourite, all islands are magical places to me. I guess that’s why his approach to the article using the ‘best fors’ really worked for me and he’s chosen many of my favourite island attributes and his suggestion for each:

  • Epic tidal crossing – Worm’s Head
  • Skinny dips & seclude swims – Sark
  • Wild and remote – Steep Holm
  • Glorious beaches – Vallay
  • Ruins and ancient remains – Great Bernara
  • Cafes – Isle of Muck
  • Families – Brownsea island
  • Birds, wild animals and flowers – Skomer island
  • Caves, gullies, geos and stacks – Ynys Lochtyn
  • Trail running – Thorney
  • Contemplation and retreat – Iona
  • Whales and dolphins – Bardseya

You can see more of Ted’s work here

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