The Scotsman asked me to write an article on the Islandeering book. In the article I suggested that Scotland has some of the best islands in the world.¬†Here’s my top four reasons why:

  • Freedom – Richard Clubley describes Scotland’s islands as offering a special kind of freedom. I couldn’t agree more. To me these islands mean freedom in every sense. It’s just you and nature and oftentimes not even a mobile phone signal to distract from the beauty around you.
  • Natural beauty – have a look at the photos in the article and see for yourself.
  • Whales, dolphins, eagles and more – there is the chance of so many encounters with some of the most incredible species that Britain has to offer. With many they simply can’t be seen elsewhere on our shores or certainly in the numbers encountered on the Scottish islands.
  • Wonderful islanders – now Scotland has more than it’s fair share of uninhabited islands which were the initial draw for me. Then I discovered how incredibly friendly most islanders were. What impresses me the most though is their resourcefulness in making the community work, adapting to the often harsh natural world and having a deep resilience that enables them to thrive in these wild places.

In the article I describe ten of my favourite islands in Scotland, have a look here