Day 1 – Channel Islands

In our dreams I left Portsmouth this morning after a cuppa with Gemma at Ordnance Survey HQ in Southampton and hopped on the Condor Ferry to Jersey. A quick scoot up Les Platons (136 m) then the 2km low tide walk to the tidal island of Seymour Tower before the stomach-churning boat ride to Sark. A recovery tea and crab sand at the Harbour Cafe before a whizz up Le Moulin (108m) and a cheeky ice-cream and a horse-drawn carriage ride back to the port.

After another roller-coaster ferry to Guernsey and a cream-tea for sustenance we bagged Hautnez (107m) – conveniently found next to the airport building. Hopped on the number 91 round-island bus to the west coast, raced the tide to Lihou and bagged its 23 m peak with a refreshing swim in the Venus Pool. Joined loads of daytrippers across to Herm, did a quick lap of the island (love the beaches) and popped up onto the highpoint (65m) before heading back to the airport. Nearly there!

Flew to Alderney and scooted along the Forbidden Track around the runway perimeter to reach the trig pillar and just for fun we circumnavigated the island and bagged the tiny tidal Fort de Raz (12m).

Camping on Saye Beach campsite tonight – one of our favourites and looking out for the blonde hedgehogs (no kidding) and one of Zoe’s bacon butties in the morning before we head back to Porstmouth and continue along the south coast of England.

Cumulative vertical distance – 526 metres

Method – ladder up the apple tree