Island bagging in its purist form is to climb to the high point of an island and ‘bag’ it. There are a total of 1612 islands in the British Isles that are classified as having a high point. The cumulative total of the high points of the islands of the British Isles is 47,049 metres. That’s over 47 km of vertical ascent.

The Challenge is to go virtual island bagging and climb as many of the high points that I can during lockdown to stay fit. My journey will start in the Channel Islands, head up the east coast of Britain to reach Orkney and Shetland before going home to Skye. If we are still in lockdown then I shall return along the west coast of Britain and go and explore Ireland too.

I shall be warming up each day then starting my ascents by climbing a ladder, step ups on a box and using the staircase before I finish with some stretches.

Keep an eye on Ordnance Survey’s Step-Up-Challenge for GetOutdoorsInside inspiration and an exciting new challenge!!