Visiting Davaar Island

The Crucifixation Cave on Davaar is one of seven natural caves of the islands south coast cliffs. The vibrantly coloured, life-sized masterpiece painted on the cave wall. The assortment of offerings placed beneath this stunning depiction of Christ’s Crucifixion clearly demonstrates its continuing significance for pilgrims.

In 1887 local fishermen discovered a painting that seemed to have appeared overnight, and frenzied speculation ensued. Locals believed the painting was a miracle send from God but the mystery artist was Archibald MacKinnon., a local art teacher who claimed that he was ‘guided’ to paint the scene. He didn’t reveal his secret for 47 years and was subsequently banished from Campbeltown. The painting had one more mystery up its sleeve when Che Guevara was painted over Christ’s face by an unknown artist in 2006 but the original painting has since been restored.

Getting to Davaar Island and the cave painting is straightforward. Park in the layby near Doirlinn east of Campbeltown (Lat/Long 55.416922, -5.563910; GR NR 74535 19447) and head along the causeway towards the channel marker then directly west to the island. Walk anti-clockwise along the foreshore of the south coast and the cave can be found after 900 metres of so. It is the last cave of seven and is clearly signed at the entrance.

Note: safe walking times to Davaar is 3 hours either side of low tide. Ideally head out on an ebbing tide. Do not be tempted to take the short cut across the sand and keep to the causeway route described above.

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