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The Isle of Man has a range of local food to try – here are some of the most popular dishes. In 2018, Manx queenies were crowned as the Isle of Man’s new national dish following a public vote. The juicy, delicious queen scallop was a clear leader. In second place was chips, Manx cheese and gravy; then Manx kippers. Previously the traditional national dish was priddhas an’ herrin – a meal of boiled potatoes, raw onions and steamed herring. The island also holds the annual World Bonnag Championships to preserve this traditional dish. Not quite a cake, and not quite bread either it is made with soda flour and buttermilk and would have been found cooking on most kitchen hearths. 

There is plenty of other great local food and drinks to try including Isle of Man Creamery‘s cheese and butter, and the local Bushey’s ales – probably best supped in the Rover’s Return, an authentic Manx boozer in Douglas. One great way to try the best food and drink in the  Isle of Man is to go to the Isle of Man Food and Drink Festival

Photo credit: “Isle of Man Scallops” by Marine Stewardship Council is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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