Sark Walks

Sark’s Coast path is one of the best walks in Sark. Unmarked, yet easy to follow 17.3 kilometres along the cliff tops of the plateaus of Sark and Little Sark, the full island circuit passes through farmland and spectacular headlands with optional descents to explore the many beaches, caves and other points of interest with plenty of excellent pitstops on the way.

Starting at Creux Harbour the route immediately climbs onto the wild cliff tops, with optional descents to Derrible and Dixcart Bays to enjoy the arch, caves and beaches. The route continues across La Coupée to Little Sark. Here, the derelict ventilation chimneys of the copper mines of Port Gorey can be explored on the way back from the Venus Pool. Back on Great Sark a myriad of paths lead across the wildflower-filled Gouliot Headland before turning inland past the Island Stores and various cafes and restaurants as well as the iconic tree-lined Rue de Rade and La Seigneur.

The coast around the north of the island Eperquerie is full of caves, bathing pools and great scrambles before heading south along the east coast past Point Robert Lighthouse to return to the harbour. Full route information under the islandeering tab for Sark here.