What to do with families on Lundy Island

Lundy Letterboxing, a bit like geocaching, is a treasure trail that leads you to the best spots around the island. There are 27 Letterboxes in wooden, metal, and plastic boxes – all hidden, and you have to follow clues to find them. A pack containing the clues can be bought from the island’s shop, which also has compasses to hire.

Once you find a box there is a unique stamp and ink pad for you to stamp into your own notebook. You can also sign the book within each letterbox. The objective is to discover where all the boxes are located and collect the stamps, including the elusive ‘Lundy Bunny’ which is a movable stamp. It is guaranteed to take you to parts of the island that otherwise you would be unlikely to visit.

For day visitors there is a shortened version which concentrates on a few of the boxes closer to the south end of the island and the village. Find out more here