Rock pooling on Lundy Island

Between Lundy and Rat Island on the south east tip, Devil’s Kitchen is one of the richest places in Britain for exploration of the seashore. Here, the slate bedrock has been worn away to form a series of rock pools and gullies bursting with marine life. Here you’ll find brown, red and green seaweeds; barnacles and limpets; and beadlet, strawberry, and snakelock anemone. Turning over small rocks also often reveals shore crabs, cushion stars, pipefish, gobies, and blennies as well as jewel anemones, sea squirts and clingfish. The lucky may spot a Lundy special – the nationally scarce scarlet and gold star corals. The island’s wardens lead ‘Rockpool Rambles’ to Devil’s Kitchen and also ‘Snorkel Safaris’ in the shallow waters of Landing Beach. Check out the latest events here

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