Swimming the gully at Shipman Head

There are some great wild swimming spots on Bryher an here we share some of our favourites. Rushy Bay, is a sheltered cove on the south side of the island, opposite Samson. Pristine white sands, private nooks amongst the tall marram grass, and very calm, shallow water makes for a great family beach. For the inquisitive there are plenty of shells to find, as well as the rare dwarf pansy. Building chortens with the pebbles on the beach is also a favourite activity with visitors here too.

The gully between Shipman Head and the north tip of Bryher also makes for an exhilarating dip if the conditions are right. At low, slack tide and low swell, the water is almost stationary and perfect for jumping into its ink-black depths or explore the kelp forests at its eastern end. Access is via a short scramble, down to the rock platforms at the very north tip of Bryher (Jump in at GR SV 874 162).