Things to do on Papa Westray

This stone settlement was built around 3,800 BC, making the buildings the earliest north European homes still standing. A narrow passage leads to the interior where there are hearths, pits, stores, and stone benches to sit on and ponder life in Neolithic times.

The Knap of Hower can be visited in a day trip from Westray. You can use the passenger boat service onboard The ‘Golden Mariana’ which operates every day during the summer months. Or you can take the shortest scheduled flight in the world between the two islands. There are at least two Loganair Islander flights every weekday, as well as day-return flights from Kirkwall. The Knap of Howar is within east walking distance of the airport; and is a coast walk from the ferry port.

The Knap of Howar is also part of the itinerary of the Papay Ranger-led tours of Papa Westray.

Why not also visit nearby St Boniface Church