Best walks in Jersey

Icho and Seymour Tower are two islets off the south east coast of Jersey and walking to them is a great way to experience Jersey’s impressive tides. Here the difference here between high and low tide is so vast that at low tide Jersey almost doubles in size as the sea retreats as far as two miles off the shore. Icho and Seymour Towers, two coastal defence towers erected in the 18th century following France’s attempt to invade Jersey, are located on islets about two miles off Jersey’s coast. They can only be reached for a few hours every day, when the tide is low enough. Walking on the seabed is an eerie, unique experience. Seymour Tower (WV 723 454) is accessible almost every day, but Icho Tower (WV 694 443) can be reached only a few days per month as it’s further away and spring tide conditions are needed to complete the journey safely. There are organised walks available to both towers with Jersey Walk Adventures.

Quirky accommodation

It is also possible to have a unique experience staying overnight in Seymour Tower, surrounded by the sea, and using it as a base for exploring Jersey’s marine wilderness at low tide. Standing in Jersey’s National Park in an internationally recognised RAMSAR wetlands site. Built in 1792 Seymour Tower accommodates up to seven people. Spread over two floors with basic cooking facilities and wood burning stove on the ground floor and the bunk room on the upper floor with a chemical toilet. There are six bunks in the upper room, and a separate room on the ground floor for a guide.  Drinking water is provided along with logs for the stove. Guests will need to carry all food, clothes and sleeping bags to the Tower, and all waste must return with them. More information and booking here