Best walks in Jersey

This is a fabulous walk in Jersey that crosses the tidal causeway from St Heliers to explore this fascinating castle, with great views of the mainland. Constructed in the 16th century when the introduction of ships armed with cannon meant that the existing stronghold at Mont Orgueil was insufficient to defend Jersey.

Today you can explore its hidden rooms, passageways, battlements and bunkers that date back to when Sir Walter Raleigh was Governor of Jersey. You can also discover its role in giving refuge to King Charles II during the English Civil War and find the bunkers which were re-fortified to command the sea approaches to Jersey during Occupation. The views around the bay and the south coast of Jersey from the top of the Mount are incredible and you can walk to St Helier Hermitage and the end of the breakwater, which extends 2.4 kilometres out to sea. Accessible via a low tide causeway or ferry from St Helier.