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Jersey’s beaches can be lit by the amazing glow of glowworms, creating a natural wonder that few people including locals know about. Glow worms are rare in Britain, but you can see them in Jersey all year round, especially at low tide on La Rocque Beach. The 4 mm worms, Caulleriella bioculata, look pretty dull and worm-like by day. Like their earthworm counterparts they perform a vital function in burrowing through the sand keeping it aerated and soft, and making a large contribution to the texture of the beaches we love to visit. At night these remarkable creatures turn into glowing beauties. When disturbed a chemical reaction occurs in their bodies that emits a greenish glow, known as chemiluminescence, through their transparent skin that can be easily seen in the dark. The glow lasts up to 20 seconds. Scientists are not sure why they emit this, but think it’s most likely a form of defence.

The best way to see this incredible natural phenomenon is to escape the light by walking 200 metres or so away from La Roque Harbour on the beach at low tide on a moonless night. Gentle sweep the surface sand away with your feet and look out for the glow.

Bioluminescence walks cost £19 for adults and £10 children under 18 yrs; they last 90 minutes (tel. 07797 853 033, jerseywalk

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