Best walks in Jersey

Rozel is a popular and vibrant fishing harbour with brightly coloured houses, beach and good eateries on Jersey’s  north-east coast. It is home to local favourite The Hungry Man. After breakfast here you’ll need a calories busting walk. Here are two of our favourites.

Rozel to St Catherine’s Breakwater (7 km return; easy walking)

St Catherine’s is a rocky bay in the island’s north east corner comprising a number of secluded coves. St Catherine’s Breakwater, built in the 19th century is the northern arm of what was to be a vast naval station it would have been one of the largest harbour on the south side of the Channel. It is possible to walk its full length and chat to the many anglers that fish perched from its walls about their catches of the day. The bay is a good lower-tide swimming spot. Great refreshments are available at either St Catherine’s Breakwater Café or the 3 Arches Café, where you can grab a deliciously creamy Jersey ice-cream and enjoy it whilst admiring the amazing sculptures made by the Sand Wizard or the views of Mont Orgueil and across to France.

Route details: from Rozel head east on the road uphill, then join one of the coastal cliff paths across to Fliquet Bay and then on to St. Catherine’s Breakwater. Return the same way or catch the bus back to Rozel.

Rozel to Bonne Nuit Bay (21km return; shorter option to Bouley Bay)

This is one of the most spectacular coastal walks in Jersey. Bonne Nuit is a small harbour and low-tide beach on the north coast of the island, sheltered by surrounding hills. It got its name from the French “good night” because of its reputation of a peaceful mooring. This route heads across a rugged cliff-top path with fabulous views and some steep sections and includes a descent in to Bouley Bay, a tiny and colourful fishing harbour with the legendary Mad Mary’s Café. Between Bouley Bay and Bonne Nuit the route passes through the exotically named Egypt headland which reaches 375 feet above sea level, with Jersey’s highest point (446 feet) at les Platons a short detour inland from Gifford Bay. The shorter option from Rozel to Bouley Bay is 4km return.

Route details: From the beach at slipway Rozel Harbour head inland on La Brecque du N, to the Rozel Bay Tearoom then immediately turn onto the steep Le Chemin du Guet. After the sharp left and continue inland passed fields. Immediately after a large house, Rue du Câtel, turn right onto a track that reaches White Rock Car Park. From the carpark take the cliff path to Bouley Bay. Almost halfway around the bay pass above L’Etacquerel Fort, the path then winds through a wooded gully and then open common ground. Descend towards Bouley Bay and on to Les Charrieres du Boulay. Once on the beach a stop at Mad Mary’s Café is a must. Head uphill initially on Les Charrieres du Boulay then take the clear track to the right up the hillside and back onto the clifftop path, climbing several sets of steps on the way. Continue along the undulating coast path to Bonne Nuit.

Visiting Jersey

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