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Mont Orgueil is an enchanting medieval stone castle perched above one of Jersey’s prettiest villages, Gorey. It was built in 1212 after Normandy, tied to the English Crown from 1066, was seized by France thus turning it from friend to foe. Mont Orgueil was England’s first line of defence against French invasion until its position on the hill made it obsolete in the 15th century due to its vulnerability to cannon fire. It was replaced by Elizabeth Castle in 1594. Thereafter, it was converted into a prison during the English Civil War when it held men who had signed the death warrant of Charles I, including Thomas Waite and Henry Smith. It was occupied by German forces during World War II, with the invaders building concrete look-out posts into its masonry that can still be seen today. From its battlements there are breath taking views of the French coast and amongst the steep staircases, towers, and hidden passages there are plenty of gruesome tales and discoveries to make including the Dance of Death statue, the Witches in Hell in the dungeons, the Wheel of Urine in the turrets and the Prayer Nuts in one of the castle’s rooms.

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