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The Channel Islands were the only part of the Britain Isles to be occupied by German forces in WW2. The five-year occupation came to an end on 09 May 1945 – Liberation Day, an event still celebrated in Jersey with an annual Bank Holiday.  The occupation was characterised by the introduction of numerous penal laws, severe food shortages, widespread fear and suspicion, and the use of forced labour. The Channel Islands Military Museum located in a German-built bunker near St Ouen’s Bay contains lots of military and civilian exhibits that tell this story. Similarly, the Jersey War Tunnels located in St Lawrence, were built by slave workers and civilian prisoners controlled by the paramilitary Organisation Todt. They stretch to over one kilometre in length and were large enough to hold tanks. Designed originally to help German infantry resist air raids and artillery bombardment they were later equipped as a wartime emergency hospital and casualty clearing station, complete with 500 beds, air conditioning and heating systems, and gas-proof doors. The Tunnels have now been turned into a substantial exhibition space, teaching visitors about the history of the Second World War, the occupation and the difficulties and dangers faced by locals.

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