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Gugh, United Kingdom
Distance: 4.2km
Difficulty: Easy
Method: Walking
Wow Factor: 8 out of 10

Key Facts

  • Location: Isles of Scilly
  • Size: 148 hectares (combined with St Agnes)
  • Terrain: Grass and rock paths
  • Access: Crossing the tidal sand-bar from St Agnes
  • Height gain: 194 metres
  • Map: OS Explorer 101
  • Starting point: Gugh side of The Bar – the sand bar that connects it to St Agnes
  • Accommodation/food:

    There are no facilities on Gugh, but there is a great range of accommodation on St Agnes

  • Island Summary:

    The circular walk around the coast of Gugh starts at the island-end of the tombolo from St Agnes. It follows a faint path around the island, that ascends Kittern Hill for some great views across to St Mary’s and Porth Conger of St Agnes. The coast path of Gugh also visits the Old Man of Gugh, Obadiah’s Grave, and the islands lovely beaches. For the curious, the route is also great for searching for the rare plants on this island. With the right tides a circumnavigation of Gugh can be combined with the circular walk around the coast of St Agnes and completed in one day using the inter-island ferries from St Mary’s.

  • Look out for:
    • Obadiah's Grave
    • The Old Man of Gugh
    • Views from Kittern Hill
    • Rare plants
  • Route description:

    The circular walk around the coast of Gugh starts at the island-end of the tombolo from St Agnes. It heads north, following the faint paths, alongside Porth Conger, then head inland, uphill to Obadiah’s Grave and then on to the summit of Kittern Hill, Gugh’s highpoint. A faint path then heads south east, passed The Old Man of Gugh standing stone, and continues around the south coast to return to The Bar

  • Getting there:

    Inter-island ferries to St Agnes leave from St Mary’s. Once on St Agnes, walk north passed the Turk’s Head, and a little further on you’ll see the sand path that heads down onto the beach and across The Bar. Only attempt crossing 2 hours either side of low tide, and never cross The Bar if any water covers it. The currents are fierce

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