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49.968167, -6.311478
Distance: 4.1 km
Difficulty: Easy
Method: Walking
Wow Factor: 10 out of 10

Key Facts

  • Location: Isles of Scilly
  • Size: 18.8 hectares
  • Terrain: Free range grass paths, easy rocky shores and scrambles
  • Access: Kayak; own boat
  • Height gain: 85 metres
  • Map: OS Explorer 101
  • Starting point: Landing beach (GR SV 911 160)
  • Accommodation/food:

    There is no food or accommodation. Tean is a great spot for a picnic

  • Island Summary:

    The circular walking route around Tean is a wonderful way to explore the history, landscapes and wild flowers that this island has to offer. The walk starts from the landing beach, and simply follows the coastline around with an optional, and highly recommended ascent of Great Hill for superb views over the tiny surrounding islets and islands of the archipelago

  • Look out for:
    • Stunning sand beaches
    • Find the rare dwarf pansy
    • Expansive views from every shore
    • Glacial erratics of north coast
  • Route description:

    The circular walk around Tean starts at the landing beach between Crump Island and Clodgie Point and continues clockwise around the island. Follow the sands of East and West Porth, with the remains of a Chapel in between, then continue on the more rugged and free-range route around the west tip. Cross Black Porth beach and continue around the north coast at the base of Great Hill, and then along the foreshore

  • Getting there:

    Kayak; hire boat. Land between Crump Island and Clodgie Point (GR SV 911 161). Tean may also be reached as part of a group tour with Scilly Walks

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