St Martin's camping

Outdoor swimming on St Martin’s, Scilly is sublime. With gin-clear waters, white sands and sheltered bays there is something for everyone. Here are our face spots:

Great Bay, St Martin’s
Recently voted the best beach in the UK, its location on the north side of St Martin’s is both remote and unspoilt. There is a stretch of multiple bays and coves divided by rock outcrops and a tidal pebbly bar across to White Island, which also has a sheltered swim spot within Porth Morran. The area is generally sheltered beach and great for swimming and snorkelling.

Lower Town Bay and the Quay, St Martin’s
The underlying white sands and shallow depth of water here make swimming in the sparkling, clear waters an absolute must – the visibility is amazing. This is also a great spot to have a quick dip whilst waiting for the inter-island ferry. Check the tides though as at low tide there isn’t much water here at all. For hot drinks and great snacks there is the Island Bakery in Higher Town and the Seven Stones Inn a firm favourite if you need something a little stronger.

White Island

Porth Moran is a very sheltered swimming spot, on the east coast of White Island – which can be walked to at low tide form the north west tip of St Martin’s.

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