Cool things to do on Anglesey

Parys Mountain, known as Wales’ own Grand Canyon, is a geological extravaganza that can only be described as otherwordly. Material has been scooped out of the mountainside by metal mining activity here since the Bronze Age. Gazing across the Great Opencast, a vast one-kilometre hollow, the coloured rock layers of red, orange, pink, brown, purple, black, green, yellow and grey that paint the landscape are mesmerising. Copper ore was discovered here in the late 1760s and large-scale mining ensued with such abundance that the nearby port of Amlwch dominated the world copper market for a decade; the copper even coated Royal Navy warships at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Today six million tonnes of the metal are thought to remain beneath the old mine workings.

The Parys Mountain Windmill, which can be seen for miles around, once pumped water out of the mineshafts and today provides a great vantage point to look across to the Carneddau Mountains in the distance or to shelter from the elements in this exposed spot. The dramatic stony landscape appears barren but it supports a variety of wildlife including birds such as skylark, meadow pipit and chough. Plants that can tolerate high concentrations of copper and zinc are also able to survive here. The area has distant views of Snowdonia with the peak of Snowdon visible on clear days. There are a number of walks to explore the landscape and the relics of industrial history, including the floor of the mine where small cave entrances can be found as well as a level walk around the top of the Great Opencast and its viewing area. More information here

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