What to do on Tresco

Cromwell’s Castle is fabulously located on a rocky promontory to the north west of the island, where it once guarded Tresco Sound and protected the heart of the archipelago. Built to deter Dutch invaders it is a rare survivor from Cromwell’s time. A staircase spirals within the walls of its tall round tower, taking the visitor to the roof for great views through any of its six gun ports. Cromwell’s Castle superseded King Charles’s Castle, which is located on the hill above it. The latter was so poorly sited that to hit enemy ships its cannons had to be aimed downwards and the cannonballs were said to roll out before they could be fired. Today it makes a romantic ruin to explore and enjoy the surrounding seascapes. Another fortification, overlooking Old Grimsby Harbour, is the sixteenth century Old Blockhouse built to protect against a French attack. It would have housed a battery of artillery pieces positioned on a gun platform on top of a rocky outcrop, with defensive banks and walls and tiny living quarters. Both castles and the Old Blockhouse can be visited on a six mile circular coastal walk around the island.

Visiting Tresco

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What to do on Tresco 

Walk Tresco’s coastal path

Ruin Beach Cafe

Visit Abbey Gardens

Low tide event

Swim retreat on Tresco

Piper’s Hole

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