What to do on Tresco

Tresco’s coast path is a 10 kilometre walk from Carn Quay that gently wanders through New Grimsby north to Cromwell’s Castle on the boulder-strewn shore before ascending to the ruins of King Charles’ Castle. It climbs Gun Hill and crosses the heather-clad moor of the island’s north, dips into Piper’s Hole and the ruins of the Old Blockhouse to reach the delightful, castaway-café of Ruin Beach. The easy path south then follows the bone-white beaches to reach the dune-backed Pentle Bay, named one of the top ‘Under-the-Radar’ beaches by the Wall Street Journal. The route back to Carn Quay affords plentiful views of Abbey House and, if time permits, many options for a detour to visit the world-renowned sub-tropical garden and wildlife-rich Abbey Pool. https://www.islandeering.com/islands/tresco/

Visiting Tresco

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What to do on Tresco 

Walk Tresco’s coastal path

Visit Tresco’s castles

Ruin Beach Cafe

Visit Abbey Gardens

Low tide event

Swim retreat on Tresco

Piper’s Hole

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